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by Peter Barradine December 10, 2020 4 min read

A Very Merry Christmas!

As we hurtle towards Christmas it is vitally important to start thinking about one thing, what drinks we need to stock up on? I always like to select a range of drinks to be consumed throughout the day (in moderation) to help me get in that merry festive mood!

Christmas Breakfast Pick Me Up

As you open your eyes and feel the fog of the previous nights overindulgences you may be tempted to stay within the warm comfort of your bed. But alas, this isn’t the day for reclining, so many presents to open and so many things to prepare!

As you slowly descend the staircase, glancing out of the window to observe the snow’s merry dance (probably not, but we can hope) it’s time to think about breakfast and the first drink of the day!

Breakfast on Christmas Day for me is perfect for throwing caution to the wind and to indulge in all of those delicious treats. As you eat your unctuous eggs benedict why not pair it with a Bucks Fizz made with Millage DOC Brut Prosecco and orange juice, not only a portion of fruit but it will also help to cut through the richness of the dish and put a spring in your step. For those of you who don’t want to start so early (or at all), why not grab a bottle of V.I.B.E non alcoholic sparkling wine that would marry perfectly with orange juice to create a great alternative to the classic Bucks Fizz.

The Opening Of Gifts

With a slightly quicker step than before you make your way into the living room for the next stage in Christmas indulgence. For me personally the receiving of gifts (and giving I suppose) is my favorite part of Christmas and what better way to enhance this enjoyment than the spiced richness of a Bloody Mary. RK Vodka is the perfect base for this viscus drink, it is unfiltered and distilled only once which allows its characteristics to shine in this highly flavoured cocktail.

Replacing the Vodka with Three Spirits Social Elixir and its enchanting umami flavours of Lion's Mane Mushroom will also give an extra twist on the classic Virgin Mary and will let the social butterfly in you flourish.

Preparation Of Lunch/Dinner

As you leave the mountains of spent wrapping paper and gifts for someone else to tidy up and make your way back into the kitchen it is time to look at preparing the main meal. By this time it is looking more like dinner than lunch as you’ve lost track of time and probably haven’t prepared enough, but fear not as now is the time to raid the drinks cabinet. This is the time to turn your hand to a range of drinks to guide you as you fumble your way through the cooking and preparation of this momentous meal.  

There are many drinks you could turn to, while the kitchen is filled with the fog of a pudding steaming why not sip on a refreshing gin and tonic. We have the perfect festive tipple for you to enjoy in the form of Staffordshire Distilleries Orange and Cinnamon Gin. For those who like the clarity of mind as well as their drink, why not turn your hand to Caleño Spirit for a wonderful alcohol free citrus hit.       

I for one will be sipping on a refreshing beer. There is a stark need to fill your fridge with lashings of beer and ale, perfect for those times when you were allowed to be burdened with guests ‘poping around’. These days you do not have to concern yourself with sharing so you can keep all your Merry Brummie by Birmingham Brewing Company to yourself.

The Meal

By this time you have consumed enough apéritifs to have built up an appetite for the enormous amount of food you are about to consume. I always enjoy wine with a Christmas meal. For those who are having starters, usually something quite light, I recommend having a bottle of Macon-Villages La Cave d'Azé. This white Burgundy with wonderful citrus flavors will work perfectly and will also pair well with the main course if you prefer white wine. 

For those enjoying a turkey, with crisp roast potatoes, meaty pigs in blankets, rich gravy and those little green orbs of joy (sprouts) I always turn to red wine. Sac a Main Balinais Pinot Noir will be the perfect accompaniment, glowing a bright crimson colour with wonderful aromas of red fruits.

As you struggle to comprehend eating anymore suddenly a mound of pudding enters the room with flames dancing from the burning brandy. To match and compliment these wonderful flavours I shall be enjoying a snifter of 6 O’clock’s Damson Gin, its richness building the crescendo of the meal.

Bang! Good lord! What was that?! You say as a digestif flies across the table! That my friend was a Sweet Potato Company Gin Liqueur Filled Cracker. As I sit there in my floppy crown comprehending the hangover I shall have (drink responsibly) I wish you a merry Christmas from all of us at SplitSmiths, cheers!

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