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December 08, 2021 4 min read

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly." ― Andy Rooney

The big day has arrived! Christmas Day is upon us! You open the curtains to discover that there are no mountain-like snow drifts preventing the family gathering so the cooking must begin! As the family gathers some may want to partake in a tipple, but who is on the list and what do they like to drink? 

In this week’s blog we look at characterful family members that gather around the Christmas table and the tipples they may enjoy....

Grandfather John the Salty Sea Dog

First up is the oldest member of the gathering, Grandfather John. Back in his younger days he was a seafaring man but now he won’t even set foot in a pedalo! Alas the rum drinker in him remains from reminiscing about the rum ration he used to receive in the navy.

Well he is sure to like the delicious Butterscotch Rum by Project #174! Filled with those classic rum notes that Grandfather John loves but backed up with some delicious creamy, sweet flavours that will remind him of his favourite sweet, a Werther's Original. After a tot he will soon be recalling tales of the sea.

The ‘Youth’ Katie

We skip from the oldest to the youngest of the party, niece Katie. She has been out for the past few nights having a wild time with her friends, her relentless stamina seems not to falter. She loves a cheeky cocktail, especially a Pornstar Martini!

She is in luck! As you thought ahead and got the delightful Troo Pornstar Martini! This passionfruit cocktail is made using premium vanilla vodka, passion fruit liqueur, and passionfruit juice, lime juice and vanilla syrup. It is sure to go down a treat!

Nose Glow Mark

Katie’s dad Mark is a fan of a stiff drink! He can usually be found enjoying an outdoor pursuit, but when he isn’t he enjoys a good tipple! After said drink, his big bulbous nose glows a bright red and you wonder if he must be tired after all that work last night guiding Santa's sleigh!

Mark likes whisky, particularly scotch but will enjoy any other style he can get his hands on! We think he will love The Epicurean. This blended whisky from the Lowlands of Scotland is light, zesty and fresh, it lends itself to parties as it is a tipple many will enjoy.

Fizzy Aunt Lizzy

Aunt Lizzy likes to think of herself as a classy lady and she can often be found with her friends drinking the finest fizz. She often over indulges, hiccuping her way through a rendition of Last Christmas.

What you can say about Aunt Lizzy is that she likes to bring the party with her, and a bottle of something fizzy is the right way to start a celebration! Freixenet Prosecco is the perfect choice with its sparkly festive bottle. With a pop of a cork you are greeted with delicate citrus and green fruit aromas and flavours.

Sober Sporty Steve

Your brother Steve is a fitness fanatic, running, cycling and constantly in the gym! He is also very conscious of what he eats and drinks and now not a drop of alcohol touches his lips! He also doesn’t want to miss out and is dying for a beer!

Steve is in luck because you just bought a few of the outstanding alcohol free beers by Big Drop, whom have become the most awarded UK brewery. Wildtrack is an alcohol free take on the classic West Coast style with grapefruit flavours and piney elements.

Gin Sozzled Sandra

Your grandmother and John’s wife has a love of gin and usually pours herself a large helping to drown out the repetitive and boring stories told by her husband. Sandra, usually a traditionalist, loves a London Dry Gin but this year she would love a festive twist and something fruity!

Here is the perfect gin for Sandra, Burleigh's Limited Edition Mulled Christmas Gin. The 2021 edition of their Christmas gin uses the theme of mulled wine to introduce flavours into the gin. They use botanicals such as nutmeg, citrus, cloves, ginger and steep them in red wine prior to distilling them alongside more traditional botanicals such as juniper and coriander. It is beautiful when paired with tonic water, garnished with a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick.

The family gathers round to pull their crackers, which are made by The Sweet Potato Spirit Company. After the pop they discover they are blessed with not only a fetching hat, a side splitting joke but also a delicious miniature of one of their liqueurs! Sporty Steve bleats out “Where is my prize”! Grandfather John the salty sea dog shouts “tough luck” and you think all the more for me!

All of these tipples can be purchased online or in-store, pop in to see us at The Courtyard if you would like any more recommendations or cocktail suggestions.

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