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by Peter Barradine August 04, 2021 2 min read

Makeover Madness at Middleton Courtyard

If you go down to the (Middleton) Courtyard today you’re sure of a big surprise. Nope there aren't any teddy bears having a picnic! We have been giving it a makeover!

As you crunch your way over the gravel car park you will encounter a beautiful tudor barn. Framed by wild flowers and the trickle of a moat; it's twisted and gnarly exterior holds a hidden secret. Step through the gated archway to discover a restored and glorious cobbled stable yard. Although it has many past stories, the one it tells today is very different.

A world of tranquility awaits you! For those who haven't visited before, it is a beautiful little area for shopping with a whole range of independent shops, a fantastic cafe serving great coffee and cakes, beauty spas, photography, dog groomers and you can even have a tarot reading!

As we said we have been giving the Courtyard a fresh new look, the SplitsDrinks team were at it hammer and tong. Work started on Sunday evening and this continued till Wednesday in blistering heat (remember when it was hot?). Plus we have some sexy statistics for you, if DIY is your cup of tea! We used six tonnes of Cotswolds stone gravel and over three thousand screws in the decking alone!

What we have created is what we believe to be one of the most beautiful drinking spots in the country, although we are biased! Here is the perfect place to rest your weary feet after a long walk around the beautiful nature reserve or taking in the weird and wonderful history at the hall.

Step into our store and you shall be greeted by a world of drinks, with an array of gin, rum, craft beer and pre-mixed cocktails to purchase and take home. If looking for something to wet your whistle there and then, fear not as our staff will help you select a delicious tipple or perhaps try our gin of the week!

Our store at The Courtyard at Middleton Hall is open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am - 4pm, we can’t wait to welcome you soon.


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