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by Peter Barradine July 01, 2021 3 min read

No and low alcohol drinks to get the party started!

I throw my hands up and admit that I have been quite a naysayer of low and non-alcoholic drinks in the past. Often the beers were overly malty and bland tasting, ‘mocktails’ (a term I hate!) are often just a blend of overpriced juice and let's not even mention the wine! But recently there has been a shift towards people being more aware of what they eat and drink; which has in turn led to the quality of these drinks increasing greatly.

This naysayer recently found himself in a situation where he had to turn to low and non-alcoholic alternatives as he didn’t want to feel left out. The quality of drinks I discovered were outstanding and now they have turned into guilt free nightly tipples! Here are some of the great examples we have in stock.

Birmingham Brewing Co. Sober Brummie

We are big fans of Birmingham Brewing Co. with a range of their beers always being stocked in the shops. They launched in 2016 with the aim to bring a range of quality beers to the people of Birmingham and now beyond. 

To create these outstanding beers they use the best ingredients they can find to give them unique flavours and a great taste! Plus they are all gluten free and vegan. These beers contain 0.5% alcohol so are in the low section of drinks, but if you are concerned and decided to go for orange juice instead just remember a glass of that contains up to 0.86% abv! 

This beer is made using British Pale Floor Malt, plus it is tripled hopped and packed with citrus flavours. It's available in the shops and online for £3.

The Drivers Tipple

With a name and illustrated label this good it is hard to go wrong! This alcohol free spirit has been developed by former British racing driver Hamish Gordon.

This great alternative to gin has all the classic botanicals such as juniper, ginger, orris root, cardamom, grapefruit and coriander. All the ingredients in this distillate are natural and it is a low calorie, sugar free option for those conscious about those things.

For those looking to try this sophisticated and refreshing gin alternative it is available in both the shops.

V.I.B.E Rhubarb Alcohol Free Spirit

For those who like their drinks on the fruitier side this rhubarb flavoured spirit will suit you perfectly. This artisan crafted drink is made in a traditional copper still creating a delightfully smooth spirit. 

This rhubarb tipple will mix perfectly with tonic water or ginger ale. It is available in shops and online for £16.

V.I.B.E Gold Sparkling Wine

Non-alcoholic wine can often be uninspiring, poorly balanced and overly sweet. Not this wine! 

This sparkling wine is made with the same grape variety as used in prosecco, the glera grape. This gives the wine a well balanced flavour profile with plenty of citrus and green fruits on the palate. The addition of natural carbon dioxide enhances the wine with a beautiful fizz and allows tantalising flavours to dance on the palate. Plus it comes in a sexy gold bottle! 

This wine will definitely make you feel part of the party! It is £15 and available online or in the shops.

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