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December 29, 2021 3 min read

SplitsDrinks Top Picks For 2021

Here at SplitsDrinks we have discovered a whole plethora of tipples that we think you will love, and it is so exciting discovering more! Seeing it is the end of the year we thought we would discover what the staff’s favorite drinks have been this year.

Aloha 65 - SplitsDrinks

Aloha 65 - Emily

“What I love about Aloha is its well balanced flavours! You think that it’s going to be extremely sweet but what you get is levels of complex flavours that are really refreshing. Plus the bottles are great, with winter and summer designs. You can imagine just sitting there drinking it like schnapps after a day on the slopes or a long drink in the summer months”

Aloha 65 is a spirit that has been infused with pineapple, lemon, ginger and scotch bonnet chillies, which gives it a subtle kick. It was created in a surf bar on the West Coast of America, the drink became so popular that the owners bottled it!

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Aston Villa Purity Pale Mini Keg

Aston Villa Purity Pale Mini Keg - Tom

“I am not much of a football fan, in fact I prefer a round of golf! But, if you think back to the warmer summer months when England were doing so well in the Euros, there was a great sense of community where the nation came together. That is what you get from this mini keg, your friends gathered around, great beer, great food and great times!”

Purity are the official supplier of ales to Aston Villa and have brewed a special beer for the fans. This pale ale has been created with the use of English malts and Cascade hops. It is light and zesty with easy drinking citrus fruit elements.

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Troo Negroni - SplitsDrinks

Troo Negroni - Dave

“I love a classic cocktail, and the Negroni is one of my favourites. Taking a sip just transports you to Italy and enjoying an aperitivo before eating a large plate of delicious pasta! There has been an increase in demand for pre-mixed cocktails and the Troo range are fantastic examples. Plus it is a great way to impress your friends if you tell them you have made them!”

The team behind Troo Cocktails have three values when creating drinks. Firstly they use premium ingredients, because your drink is only as good as your base ingredients. The cocktails are blended and developed by Internationally recognised mixologists. And finally they put love and respect into every bottle they create. 

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Sweet Potato Spirit Co. Toffee Apple Moonshine

Sweet Potato Spirit Co. Toffee Apple Moonshine - Peter

“I can be somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to drinks, but I will try everything given the opportunity! When I tried the range of tipples by Sweet Potato Spirit Co. I was blown away! The quality and standard of each drink is outstanding and when I had the opportunity of interviewing Gary Smith the Founding Director, read here, I discovered the passion that went into creating them. I sometimes use the Toffee Apple Moonshine as a curveball during the gin tastings, although it isn’t a gin it always goes down a treat!”

The Toffee Apple Moonshine is like a liquid creme brulee, smooth and rich with hints of crisp apple it is almost a liquid dessert. In fact this Great Taste Award winner is fantastic when poured over ice cream affogato style or even in a hot chocolate for a winter warmer! 

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 RK x SplitSdrinks Luxury Pink Gin - SplitsDrinks

RK x SplitsDrinks Luxury Pink Gin - Jo

“I had to pick our own gin! We teamed up with the guys from RK Vodka to develop a pink gin, firstly creating a classic London Dry style with a nice balance of botanicals before we infuse it with fresh raspberries and rose petals. The result is a beautiful pink gin with subtle floral flavours and light sweet fruit elements. It really is a refreshing gin, I love it when mixed with a light tonic to really let the flavours shine but it also works perfectly with a rose lemonade.”

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All of these drinks are available online or instore, don’t hesitate to message if you would like any more recommendations or cocktail suggestions.

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