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by Peter Barradine March 24, 2021 2 min read

Spotlight on: Jaffa Cake Gin

This company's life started in 2011 under the name of Atom Brands and the idea was to develop and create some of the most exciting and innovative products on the market. It started with Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion Rumthey then expanded to That Boutique-y Gin Company, the Spit Roasted Pineapple Gin is particularly good!

In 2019 they decided to take a step forward and launch Atom Labs. This was deemed the ideas factory where innovative techniques were used to develop new prototype products. A whole team is working away creating a range of weird and wonderful drinks with exciting and elaborate flavours; pushing the boundaries to see what works.

The Gin

The team behind the brand were watching the market to see what gins were selling particularly well. They discovered that orange flavoured gins are a particular favourite and wanted to look at creating their own but to differentiate from the crowd. So they came up with the idea of a Jaffa Cake flavoured gin. 

How does one go about creating a Jaffa Cake Gin you might ask? To produce this gin Atom Labs have distilled orange peel, cocoa powder and real Jaffa Cakes to create a gin that is bursting with flavour. 

Usually to extract flavours of botanicals they are either steeped in the base spirit first or vapour infused. When heated these botanicals can lose some fresher flavours and with some ingredients it is impossible to distil this way. Until you distil in a vacuum, no not a Henry! This allows you to distil at room temperature which does not affect the item you are looking to extract the flavour from. This is the method that is chosen by Atom Labs and when distilled It blends perfectly with the juniper resulting in a boozy liquid Jaffa Cake!

This gin is good enough to be sipped on but the best way to enjoy it is to blend it with equal amounts of Campari and sweet vermouth for a Jaffa Cake negroni! If you fancy a longer refreshing drink it pairs well with a traditional cloudy lemonade.

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