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by Peter Barradine July 28, 2021 2 min read

Spotlight on: Pink Marmalade Gin

There has been a growing trend in the UK with many people exploring a range of flavours. One flavour we have found to be extremely popular in the shops is gin with a heavy influences of citrus and orange in particular. In this week’s blog we look at the fantastic Pink Marmalade Gin; packed with orange and grapefruit flavours, it is also a gin that holds a secret. 

The team behind the gin began with a group of friends who worked together in the events industry. These purveyors of parties created immersive hedonistic events in their everyday jobs for different clients. What the team really wanted to do was bottle the magic of those nights and create a gin that replicates it.

While hosting an Alice In Wonderland themed party for a client they had a rather exciting tap installed. This tap dispensed gin and tonic! Inspired by the weird and wonderful elements of this story they wanted to create something different, a colour changing gin! 

To create a colour changing gin they have infused the gin with Butterfly Pea Flower. When infused into the gin it turns it to a cobalt blue colour, when you change the PH and add acidity to the gin in the form of tonic water it changes to a radiant pink colour.

The team who create this gin use single-shot distillation, Gin Mag states “Single-shot means that once the botanicals have been distilled, the resulting spirit is diluted with water, in order to reach the alcoholic strength required for bottling”. They use a slow distillation technique conducted over a 12 hour period. This results in a low yield but it is very concentrated with essential oils from the botanicals and is the highest quality spirit.

The base of the gin is a neutral grain spirit to which they add a salted pink marmalade, hence the name. They also add a further twelve other botanicals with a focus heavily on citrus flavours, including kaffir lime leaf, dried grapefruit zest, fresh grapefruit zest and orange to help bolster the marmalade elements.

If big orange and citrus elements are your thing be sure to give this gin a try. It costs £38.00 and is available in the shops or online

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