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August 25, 2021 2 min read

Spotlight on: Pull The Pin Rum

Definitely one for the rum lovers! We recently started stocking the full range of Pull The Pin Rum and can confirm that they are delicious! They come in a range of styles that are very approachable and easy to drink with the lighter fruitiers styles perfect for introducing people to rum. So in this week’s blog we find out more about these fantastic rums and the great story behind the company!

Pull The Pin Rum was founded by Thomas Foster and Kerry Carter, a physiotherapist he met in the army. Thomas was a former Royal Engineer and after serving for 10 years he sustained an injury whilst competing in a biathlon. This resulted in him being discharged from the army and wondering what to do with his life. In an impulsive move Thomas had sold all his possessions and had bought a still, spice for the spiced rum and fruit to steep in the rums.

This was the moment the rum was born. Not only an outstanding rum but one that comes with a message; “follow what’s good and pull the pin on what’s not. Live life to the fullest, celebrate what is great! This is the foundation of the company and is remembered every time a bottle is created”.

When creating the rum Thomas went on distilling courses and did extensive research with Kerry in order to blend and create the perfect rum. The pair ended up choosing a base rum from Guyana, chosen for its purity, lightness and delicate rum flavour; it is the perfect canvas for the addition of a range of nuances.

To enrich and enliven this beautiful base rum they have introduced an array of spices and fruits. The first expression they have created is their spiced rum. The pair developed their own spice and nut blend with the addition of roast hazelnuts, the essence of this ingredient complements the spices bringing an extra warmth. The rum is then aged in oak, giving the spirit an extra roundness and smoothness and enhancing the sweet spices.

They also have a white rum infused with passion fruit and pineapple and a pink rum that has strawberries and raspberries macerated in it. They are packed with fruit flavours, natural and authentic to give a well balanced flavour and not too sweet.

We really love how forward thinking and innovative the pink rum is as it is a great addition to cocktails and lends itself to a range of easy going mixers. Kerry says “It felt a gamble at first combining a traditional rum with quintessentially British fruits but we think we have pulled it off! It mixes well with a traditional light lemonade and some fresh mint, a light tonic or soda water and mint with a dash of sugar syrup if you like a sweeter drink, or for some fun we mix with a light cream soda! It also mixes well with an array of berry juices, we often do a half and half mix with some berry juice and soda to allow the flavour of the rum to come through.”

Pull The Pin Rums are available in both shops with the fruit based rums retailing for £35 and the spiced rum for £36.


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