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October 09, 2020 2 min read

Staffordshire Distillery

This month we focus on Staffordshire Distillery. Don't forget to book your tickets for our first live online tasting with Head Distiller and Owner Rachel Evans on the 23rd October at 7pm! You can learn more about the distilery below and see three of gins we'll be tasting on the night (Uisge, Lemon & Rhubarb and Ginger).

Staffordshire Distillery is locatedat Overfields Farm near Lichfieldjust 14 miles away from SplitSmiths and will be the focus of our first monthly tasting! Established in 2018 they rapidly expanded to producea range of spirits to meet the demand from customers.

The Distiller

Rachel Evans is an all round wonder woman, member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology and is a Registered Professional Food Auditor and Mentor. She has been part of the brewing and distilling trade for over 20 years! Rachel now distils specialist drinks at The Staffordshire Distillery where she is also the owner, bottler, labeller, marketeer, head of communications and HR!


The still is called ‘ Nancy’ (after Rachel’s Grandmother) and produces the Uisge gin via vapour infusion where the spirit is gently heated and the vapours pass through the botanicals to give a gentle flavour that is subtle, refined and definitely more-ish! These vapours pass through copper plates in the still where the magic really happens on a molecular level that gives a clean beautiful tasting spirit.
The fruit gins use a combination of this method with steeping the fruits in the still overnight before it is heated. These vapours when heated are then passed through the botanicals and infused, distilled through the copper plates to make an alcohol rich gin that is then blended with mineral water.

The Gins


This gin is produced with a premium fusion of botanicals that are vapour infused through copper for a smooth, clean taste, blended with mineral water from the Cairngorms. They use a blend of botanicals such as cassia, hibiscus, rowan berries with citrus fruits and cinnamon that gives a delicate refreshing smooth tasting gin. The perfect way to drink it is with a wedge of lime, a plain tonic, neat or - a dry martini.

Distilled Lemon Gin

The London Dry recipe is tweaked to include steeping of fresh lemon zest in the still for 2 days, then distilled through copper and a blend of herbs such as Lemon Verbena, Lemon Thyme, Sweet Clover, blended with mineral water and with natural colours of lemon.

Forest Fruit Gin

For this gin fruit foraged in season at Overfields Farm are macerated in the still overnight, then vapour infused through copper and blended with natural flavours and colours of raspberries, blackcurrants and blackberries.

Rhubarb and Ginger Gin

The London Dry recipe is mixed with fresh local rhubarb grown on the farm and ginger, left to infuse for 24 hours. This is then vapour infused through copper and blended with mineral water from the Cairngorms. No added sugar, all natural flavours of fresh rhubarb and ginger.



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