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Festive Cocktails | SplitsDrinks

Festive Cocktails

Last week we explored the tipples you could enjoy on Christmas day, and here’s hoping that when you open all your glorious gifts you will have received a full bar's worth of spirits, wine and various other drinks perfect to get you through those ‘limbo’ days between Christmas and New Year.
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A Very Merry Christmas! | SplitsDrinks

A Very Merry Christmas!

As we hurtle towards Christmas it is vitally important to start thinking about one thing, what drinks we need to stock up on? I always like to select a range of drinks to be consumed throughout the day (in moderation) to help me get in that merry festive mood!
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Spotlight On: 6 O'clock Gin | SplitsDrinks

Spotlight On: 6 O'clock Gin

This week we are focusing on 6 O’clock gin, we delve into their history and take a look at the wonderful gins that they produce. This month's tasting will be taking place on Thursday 17th December and will feature three of their gins. There will be a virtual distillery tour on the night which will give you a better insight into the processes that take place.
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