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St Patrick’s Day Cocktails

St Patrick’s Day Cocktails

It isn't pints of the black stuff we will be indulging in. In this week’s blog we create some delicious cocktails showcasing Irish spirits that are perfect for St Patrick’s Day. 
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Pornstat Martini - SplitsDrinks

The Pornstar Martini

In this week’s blog we are getting up close and personal with the Pornstar Martini also known as a Passionfruit Martini. It’s one of our bestsellers and recently knocked the Mojito off the top spot as the UK’s favourite cocktail! So grab a drink and relax, as we discover a bit more about this fruity drink with the cheeky name.
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Alcohol Fee Cocktails, Pentire, Penrhos, Salcombe, Caleno - SplitsDrinks

Alcohol-Free Cocktails To Spice Up Your January!

Is it your New Year's resolution to cut back on the amount of alcohol you drink? Or have you gone cold turkey for a dry January? 

Gone are the days of feeling like you are missing out by not drinking. We have introduced a new range of alcohol-free spirits that you can use to make your favourite cocktails. 

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Festive Cocktails for the Holiday Season

Festive Cocktails for Holiday Hedonism!


In this week’s blog we have developed a range of festive cocktails that you can make at home. From rich decadent cocktails that make delightful digestifs while you recline next to a roaring fire, or light aperitif style cocktails that will really get the party started.
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