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by Sippin’ & Scribblin’ October 26, 2023 3 min read

Exploring BuzzBallz: A Festive Guide to Christmas Cocktails

Sip, Share, and Get into the Christmas Spirit with BuzzBallz Flavours

As the Christmas season approaches, there's a delightful buzz in the air, and it's not just from the cheerful carolers. It's the excitement of sharing good times and great drinks with friends and family. This year, why not try something a bit different to kickstart your Christmas celebrations? Allow us to introduce you to BuzzBallz, America's beloved cocktail spheres that have taken the world by storm.

7 Flavours to Delight Your Taste Buds


The BuzzBallz collection offers seven mouthwatering flavours, each promising a unique and unforgettable experience. Here's a taste of what's on offer:

Tequila Rita: A zesty Tequila-based cocktail that will transport you to a Mexican beach. 

Strawberry Rita: A fruity delight with the perfect blend of strawberries and cocktails.

Mango & Chilli Rita
: A fiery combination of mango and chilli for those who crave a little heat.

Lotta Colada: The classic Pina Colada that's creamy and tropical 

Pornstar Martini
: A flirtatious mix of passion fruit and vodka for the bold and adventurous.

Espresso Martini: A pick-me-up for coffee lovers with a dash of vodka.


Choc Tease: A chocolatey temptation you won't be able to resist.

These cocktails are available from Split Drinks, and we've got the lowdown on what makes them so special.

A Company on a Mission

BuzzBallz isn't just about the drinks; they're on a mission to reinvent happy hour. With the vision of creating fun, innovative cocktails for the world, they've certainly made an impact. What's even more impressive is their commitment to the environment. All BuzzBallz products are gluten-free and kosher certified, and they're proud to be partnered with recycling leader TerraCycle to recycle their 'ballz.'

A Vision That Started with Inspiration

But how did BuzzBallz come to be? It all began when Merrilee Kick, a high school teacher, was lounging by her pool on a hot Texas afternoon, grading papers and craving an alcoholic beverage. She had the idea to sip a cocktail from a plastic container instead of a fragile glass.

Merrilee was inspired by a glass votive from a family trip, which led to BuzzBallz's signature spherical shape. A can of tennis balls in a sporting goods store served as inspiration for a pop-top lid. After earning her MBA, Merrilee worked tirelessly, took out a loan, and enlisted her family's help to launch the company. Now, BuzzBallz are sold nationally and even internationally.

How to Enjoy BuzzBallz During Christmas

So, how can you make the most of BuzzBallz during Christmas? We've gathered some tips for a memorable Christmas date night:

The Date is Your Oyster: Start your evening with an arts and crafts contest, go Christmas gift shopping, or visit a Christmas tree farm. Embrace the festive spirit with activities that bring you closer. Don't forget to keep the BuzzBallz handy.

A Baker's Paradise: After the activities, it's time to indulge in your favorite takeout and start a cookie decorating competition. You can even add a little BuzzBallz to your hot cocoa for that extra warmth and kick.

Destination Decoration: Get into the Christmas spirit by decorating your place together. Share Christmas stories and make memories as you adorn your surroundings. BuzzBallz can even double as unique Christmas tree ornaments.

Movie Magic: End your night with a cozy Christmas movie marathon. Grab some BuzzBallz, blankets, and enjoy the warmth of the season. 

Great for Stocking Fillers

With their unique spherical shape and diverse flavours, BuzzBallz make excellent stocking fillers. Surprise your loved ones with a delightful twist on the traditional Christmas stocking.

So, this Christmas season, explore the world of BuzzBallz and create unforgettable moments that'll last a lifetime. Let your next Christmas date be one filled with laughter, joy, and, of course, the delightful taste of BuzzBallz!

Available from Split Drinks 

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