Shake n Serve Passion Fruit Martini

Shake ‘n’ Serve cocktails are perfect for those wanting to make delicious cocktails in minutes without the fuss. Shake ‘n’ Serve cocktails contain everything you need to create your favourite  tipples. So why not gather your friends and Shake ‘n’ Serve up a storm!

Passion Fruit Martini (aka Pornstar Martini) is now the UK’s favourite cocktail knocking the Mojito off the top spot! Created in 2002 by a London bartender; it is a fruity, sweet and easy drinking cocktail that everyone will Love! Tropical passion fruit liqueur is blended with vodka and citrus flavours. Chill the cocktail really well and serve in a frosted martini glass taken from the freezer. Why not serve with the traditional garnish of half a passionfruit and a shot of prosecco!

Each bottle serves 4-6 generous cocktails!


10% abv