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Two Swallows Orange and Ginger Rum

 Two Swallows Orange and Ginger rum is produced by the legendary Diamond Distillery in Guyana then infused with cherry and salted caramel. Creamy sweet caramel is balanced by a pinch of rock salt along with notes of Orange and Ginger. Naval Captain, Matthew Webb who was the first man to swim the English Channel and become a global superstar in the Victorian Era. Captn Webb died in 1883 when trying swim the whirlpool rapids at Niagara Falls. Traditionally a sailors tattoo consisting of Two Swallows is thought to carry their soul to heaven if they drown. Tom chose the name in celebration of his famous ancestor's legacy. Two Swallows Orange and Ginger botanicals and spicing deliver light orange and vanilla notes combined with a big blast of ginger on the finish. Two Swallows Orange was designed to mix perfectly with your favourite Cola or Ginger Beer brands serve over ice with a generous squeeze of fresh lime for perfection every time.


38% abv