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Montgomery Donald's Proper Tonic Original

"This is a great Tonic Cordial to make. It lets you actually taste the Gin rather than being laced with sweeteners and other stuff like many of the bottled tonics on the market." S. Menzies -

The Original Proper Tonic Infusion bags are packed with the botanicals you need to make your own traditional tonic cordial. A premium, fresh and tasty mixer that can be enjoyed with your favourite spirit or on its own.

Makes 28 servings (based on 25 ml serving) Tasting Notes Lavender, citrus and spice notes combine to produce a beautifully bitter tonic water suitable for most London Dry gins. It complements rather than crushes your fine craft gins and adds interest to low botanical and budget gins.

How to make your Original Tonic Water

    1. Open the pouch and remove the tonic bag.
    1. Place the bag in a large sealable container (a mason jar or plastic tub).
    1. Add 500ml cold water to the container.
    1. Cover container and shake.
    1. Place the container in refrigerator to infuse for 24 hours.
    1. Remove the bag and add your Syrup 
Keep tonic syrup refrigerated - 35g