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Quickie Cocktail - Bloody Mary

Bloody hell Mary!

Quickie cocktail is the UKs first powdered cocktail mix. Designed for those great times when you just fancy a quickie!

These eco friendly space saving packets are packed with the flavour of 10 classic cocktails perfect for when you don’t have the time, ingredients or equipment to make one from scratch. The beauty of these sachets are that you can have a refreshing beverage anywhere at anytime all you need to do is just add water, soda water, sparkling water or even lemonade.

However when the time is right to loosen up and get abit risqué you can always add a little liquor of choice. We recommend vodka.

Tasting notes: Refreshing tomato with a peppery punch and spicy tangy twist.

Single serve

40 calories

0% abv