McLean’s Something Blue Gin

This gin began its life as a limited edition with only 150 bottles released. Created in celebration of the founding owners’ marriage it soon became a favourite with the company selling out fast, the gin was then nominated for Speciality Gin of the Year at the Scotish Gin Awards.

This is quite a unique gin due to the botanicals used in its production. The couple have selected two of their favourite, Tonka Beans and Buchu Leaves as well as six other botanicals. The Tonka Beans look similar to raisins and impart a range of flavours of vanilla, marzipan, caramel and elements of freshly cut grass, clove and magnolia. While the Buchu Leaves, native to South America, have a really intriguing fragrance of blackcurrant, mint, mango and fresh tobacco.



 39.4% abv