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The Apiarist Rum

The Apiarist Rum marries technology and tradition in a perfectly balanced and rich new rum. Using innovative technology this 100% British rum is rapid aged to the equivalent of a 3-year barrel aged rum. During this process they use their highest quality honey. The result is a balanced, subtle yet complex rum, with hints of lemon and honey and a smooth long finish

Honey bees gathered the nectar of 6,250 flowers to make the honey needed for this bottle, that's more than 280 miles in flight

special note

This is a natural product, no additives of any kind and the honey that goes into the gin is raw and unfiltered. As a result, some batches may appear a slightly different colour (we distill on taste not look), and there may be a slight cloudiness to some batches which comes from the pollen in our honey

The product should be kept away from direct sunlight (to avoid colour change) and not in the fridge where the honey content may crystallise. These are only cosmetic changes and do not impact on the taste or quality of our rum


40% abv