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Wildjac Apple and Elderberry Gin


Discover the ultimate autumnal spirit with Wildjac's Apple and Elderberry Gin. This premium gin boasts a fresh and fruity combination of ripe, crisp apples and tangy red berries that tantalize the senses. With a fruit-forward profile and jammy aftertaste, this gin finishes with a vibrant botanical touch. For a truly elevated experience, pair it with a premium Indian tonic and a thin slice of apple. 

At Wildjac, we're passionate about crafting exceptional spirits that showcase the natural ingredients of the Wyre Forest and surrounding areas. Our botanicals are meticulously handpicked and blended to create a unique range of premium spirits. We've combined traditional distilling techniques with cutting-edge technology to reduce our carbon footprint and prioritize sustainability. Our commitment to the environment extends beyond our spirits to include our labeling, packaging, and delivery methods. Join us on a journey of flavor and sustainability with Wildjac's Apple and Elderberry Gin.

37.5% ABV