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Wildjac Fresh Citrus Vodka

 Wildjac Distillery Citrus Vodka - a refreshing and zesty spirit that is perfect for mixing. Crafted with the finest Worcestershire Endeavour hops and Lemon Thyme, this vodka boasts a beautiful combination of crisp lemon and grapefruit infused with warm orange and elderflower. The result is a beautifully smooth and well-balanced Citrus English vodka that will leave you craving for more.

Wildjac Distillery's Citrus Vodka is designed to be versatile and can be used to create a variety of cocktails, from classic citrus martinis to refreshing spritzers. The possibilities are endless, making it the perfect addition to any home bar.

Wildjac Distillery is known for using only the best ingredients in their spirits, and this Citrus Vodka is no exception. Every sip is bursting with flavor and made to perfection, ensuring that you get the best taste experience possible.

Try Wildjac Distillery Citrus Vodka today and experience the ultimate citrus sensation that will leave you wanting more! 

37.5 % abv