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On the 20th of December step into the enchanting world of our "Christmas Camper Convoy," where Christmas magic hits the open road! Immerse yourself in the festive spectacle as campers, adorned in brilliant Christmas decor, come together to form a joyous convoy. Sparkling lights, festive ornaments, and seasonal delights transform each camper into a rolling celebration of Christmas cheer.

But the magic doesn't stop there – your generosity can make a real impact! Join us in spreading the spirit of giving by contributing to our cause. When you donate, you're not just supporting a festive spectacle; you're making a difference in your community as a portion of the funds raised will be dedicated to local charities, ensuring that the warmth of the season reaches those who need it most.

Let the Christmas Camper Convoy be a symbol of joy, unity, and the true spirit of the festive season. Donate today and be a part of something truly special – where the joy of Christmas travels far beyond the convoy itself.

What to join the convoy or watch the convoy roll by? Head over to our social media pages for timings, the route and more information.

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