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What are liqueurs?

You may have seen the phrase ‘liqueur’ on different bottles of gin, rum, whisky and a whole range of other drinks but have been confused by what this is, and rightly so! Hopefully this week’s blog post will help answer those sticky (pun intended) questions.
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Spotlight On: Jura

It is coming to that time of the year where you dust off your kilts, hack up some haggis and slop some neeps and tatties onto your plate. That's right, it's Burns Night! As you gather round with fellow members of your household, yet again, to mumble your way through addressing the haggis. There is also another item on the menu that is synonymous with Burns Night, a wee dram of whisky! 
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A Brief Introduction To Rum

A Brief Introduction To Rum

On the 29th January you may have seen that we have an exciting tasting with local artisan rum producer Burning Barn. To get me even more excited, and gain a bit more knowledge about this interesting drink I'm exploring the history in this week’s blog.
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The Martini

Most people are familiar with and know the various guises of the Martini cocktail but from my history of working in bars I have discovered that surprisingly, it isn’t the most popular drink. The drink itself conjures up images of sophistication and style but in the general populous can seem a little intimidating. So with this week’s blog post you’ll learn more about the history of the cocktail and I’ll give you an insight into its various forms.
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