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by Peter Barradine April 14, 2021 3 min read

Spotlight on: Attic Brew Co.

As the warmer months arrive (we hope) there is nothing more welcoming than the sight of a frosted glass of beer, the foaming head cascading down the side enticing us to take a sip. Even better is if it comes from a local independent brewery. In this week's blog we venture into what is becoming a hub of brewing and independents, Stirchley, Birmingham, to chat to Oli and learn more about Attic Brew Co. 

The initial spark for brewing happened when co-founders Oli Hurlow and Sam Back met at university in Cardiff. It started off with basic homebrewing and they soon discovered a passion for it. After university they went their separate ways, Oli to pursue a career in London and Sam returned to Birmingham. 

While back in Birmingham Sam continued to develop his passion for homebrewing, constantly improving the beer he was creating. Everytime Oli came to visit Sam he became blown away by the quality of beer he was producing. 

Sam had always dreamt of starting a brewery and one day he approached Oli with the idea helping out and starting one. “I wasn’t having the greatest week at work so he caught me at the perfect time. So I just thought why not!” says Oli. 

When Oli and Sam were building the business up they started to buy old bits of brewing equipment, collecting enough to start producing beer on a large enough scale. “Brewing for us started to grow rapidly, the old kit we had didn't stand up to the demand” added Oli. As the business grew they were able to reinvest everything they made back into the brewery. “Doing this has helped us to improve the quality of our beer and it even continues to get better!”

The guys at Attic Brew Co. have a fantastic selection ranging from core beers to one off brews, plus some exciting products coming soon. Oli is very passionate about the beers they produce “ the product evolves the beer I am most proud of is our core beer, Intuition. After two and a half years in development we really wanted to create a session beer that is full of flavour and body that people love” he added. In addition to that they have a great selection of pale ales and IPAs like State Of Mine and Never Too Much. One of our favourites is Sweet Like…Choc Gateau Stout

They have some great projects in the pipeline including the development of a new lager as well as the classics range, a nod to great beer styles that have fallen out of favour in the current market but would work really well if brought up to date. One passion project is a mild. “What I really like about a mild is that it resonates so strongly with a lot of people in the Midlands. It is a proper beer and just perfect for sitting in the pub with friends, chatting and having a great time”.

We stock a wide selection of their beers in store where we can guide you through the range, to help you discover some fantastic brews and unique tastes. They are also available to buy online with free local delivery, perfect for enjoying with friends in the garden!

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