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February 23, 2022 3 min read

Spotlight on: Birmingham Brewing Company

The beer scene in Birmingham is a very exciting place, maybe it has always been. Many classic breweries have come and gone, looking elsewhere to produce their beer. It has often been overshadowed by the brewing behemoth town of Burton-upon-Trent. But with the rise of the micro brewery Birmingham really is coming into its own.  

One of those breweries is Birmingham Brewing Company. Located in Stirchley, a place that has become a beer mecca as we have seen when we visited their neighbour Attic Brew Co. The company launched in 2016 with the aim of creating a range of outstanding beers that all Brummies, or if you are a little further afield, can enjoy.

Their mission when creating and developing great tasting quality beer was always ingredient focused. When it comes to the beers they have sourced the best quality British Floor Malt and a range of distinctive flavourful hops from the UK and around the world. 

They have also moved to creating vegan and gluten free beers. When it comes to clearing the beer, fish guts are often used in the fining process. This of course isn’t vegan, so they looked at researching and experimenting with different enzymes that can clarify the beer. They discovered that it not only produces a clear beer but also deglutenises it as well, making it drinkable for a wide range of people.

In an effort to reduce the amount of carbon they produce they have turned to using 100% renewable sources, focusing on solar and wind power. When it comes to brewing waste, it is given to a local farm for livestock feed. The theme of giving back to the environment and community around them extends to charity work. They donate 5% of sales of Sober Brummie to Midland Air Ambulance and during the lockdowns 5% of Self Isolating Brummie to Birmingham and Solihull Women's Aid.


Birmingham Brewing Company Stirchley Lager


They do a range of core beers with different limited edition styles making an appearance. The Stirchley Lageris a take on this classic style, it has been dryhopped to give it delicious crisp citrus flavours. Lovely and refreshing it is the perfect beer for those warmer months. The Gold Brummie is brewed with a combination of bittering British hops and very aromatic American hops. It gives the beer resinous West Coast elements with classic English bitter finish. 

They have also visited quintessential styles of beer in the form of Bitter Brummie and Stout Brummie. This British bitter is a beautiful amber colour and is heavily malt focused by brewing with caramel malts. It gives the beer delicious sweet liquorice notes; dry hopped with Centennial adds a bitter profile with uplifting soft pine flavours. Stout Brummie is a dark and rich oatmeal stout. The oats give the beer a delicious creamy mouthfeel and the addition of Admiral hops lends the beer earthy and uplifting floral flavours. 


Birmingham Brewing Company Bitter Brummie


As you may have seen we have visited alcohol free options over the month of January. For those still reducing the amount of alcohol you drink Birmingham Brewing Company have you covered with Sober Brummie. This non-alcoholic beer has lovely levels of dry hopping which gives it fresh citrus flavours that balance the rich malt elements. 

As you can see Birmingham Brewing Company is producing some outstanding beers, so grab a can or two and support local breweries. Also keep an eye out for a special collaborative brew with yours truly, we have something exciting coming in the future!

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