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by Peter Barradine October 29, 2020 2 min read

Burning Barn Rum

This week on the blog we focus on Burning Barn rum. We take a look at how the company has risen from the ashes and how this has influenced the product we know and love.

The Story

Burning Barn’s story started three years ago in devastating circumstances. On the 26th September 2015 a fire destroyed the barn that was home to the family’s farming business. After 20 years of building the business all that remained was a haze of smoke and embers.

They were left with two choices, let the business go or rebuild and make it better than ever. This devastation pushed them to start a business that they were passionate about. They had always dreamt of running a drinks business and the fire gave them that push to create Burning Barn Rum. This history provided inspiration for the name, logo and the product. 

The Rum

Smoked Rum

The smoke that devastated the family’s business was the inspiration for the UK’s first smoked rum. It’s smoked with apple wood that’s sourced from the orchard. The trees which no longer produce fruit are felled, seasoned and chipped to ensure that the best quality product is used to flavour the rum. The rum is then cold smoked which makes it smooth and smoky with a long finish.

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Spiced Rum

The company developed the idea for a spiced rum due to the fact there are a wide selection of poorly made commercial rums available with artificial flavours. They wanted to produce a rum to a very high standard with natural flavourings and well balanced with sweetness. 

They roast a mix of whole spices; vanilla, coconut, chilli, ginger and allspice in three-meter wide, heavy copper pans that are traditionally used for toffee making. Once it's ready, they infuse the aromatic mix directly into a special blend of rums, before diluting to bottling strength.

If you are a fan of spiced rums be sure to give this one a go by clicking here.

Honey and Rum Liqueur

Coming in at 29% and made of just pure honey and golden rum liqueur from Guyana. You’re going to get a reassuringly alcoholic nose embroidered with the floral scent of British summer, followed by rich peppery notes of the base rum that balance perfectly with English honey. Because the honey gives this liqueur a beautifully silky texture and a naturally sweet flavour, It is best enjoyed straight or on the rocks.

It also works as a wonderful winter warmer so be sure to pick some up here for the chilly nights!

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