by Peter Barradine November 17, 2021 3 min read

Boozy Christmas Gift Sets!

Perfectly packaged, cute bottles, tasty tipples, what could be a more perfect Christmas gift? Take a look at these boozy gift sets that are perfect for loved ones or friends that loves a tipple. From beer hampers, to miniature gin and rum gift sets, there is a perfect gift for everyone. 

Have a read of this week's blog to explore our gift sets and the delicious tipples inside!

Staffordshire Distillery Triple Gin Gift Set

Staffordshire Distillery Triple Gin Gift Set

We are massive fans of the gins produced by Staffordshire Distillery and with these gift sets you get to try a range of their fantastic spirits. Rachel, the master distiller is excellent at creating a great depth and complexity of flavours with a range of distillation techniques. For those who would like to read more about the distillery click here

This gift set contains either their Uisge London Dry Gin, Forest Fruit Gin, Lemon Gin, Rhubarb and Ginger Gin or the festive Orange and Cinnamon Gin.

Craft Ale and Beer Hamper

 Craft Ale and Beer Hamper

This gift set is perfect for the beer lovers! It contains a range of locally produced ales and beers, from classic styles of real ale to intensely hopped craft beers, there is a style to suit everyone. There are also some delightful pub themed snacks and a handy wooden bottle opener perfect for popping those bottles open on Christmas Day! The beers may vary and may include a festive selection over Christmas.

Bramley & Gage's Mix it up Gift Set

Bramley & Gage's Mix it up Gift Set

This gift set is perfect for pepping up your cocktail game, so maybe give in the hope that the receiver will knock some up on Christmas Day (if they need some inspiration then they can visit our cocktail guide here)

These liqueurs are brought to you by the team behind 6 O’clock Gin who have 30 years of experience behind them. This set includes a floral elderflower liqueur, a full flavoured creme du cassis and the fruity raspberry liqueur.

Burning Barn Rum Gift Set

Burning Barn Rum Gift Set

This company is forged from the fire as we discovered previously in this blog. Based in Solihull they blend beautiful rums from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana infusing different flavours into the rum. This set contains their Smoked Rum, produced by smoking rum in applewood. Spiced Rum, with heat from ginger and chilli to represent the heat of the fire. And finally their extremely smooth Honey and Rum, made with honey from the hives located at the distillery.

Sherry Monsters Tasting Set

Sherry Monsters Whisky Tasting Set

This is the perfect gift for the whisky aficionados or someone looking to learn more. This set of whisky has been finished in sherry casks and has huge powerful flavours. They are great winter warmers and come with tasting notes so you can learn more about the distillery and the whisky. The whiskies may vary from the ones pictured.

Sweet Potato Spirit Co. Pick n Mix

Sweet Potato Spirit Co Pick n Mix Miniatures

Everything in miniature is cute, Shetland Ponies, kittens, puppies and even miniature bottles of spirits! That is why we have created an adult pick n mix of the delightful tipples from the Sweet Potato Spirit Co. All you have to do is pop in to the shop, select the four you want and we can put them in a presentation box! 

Apart from the pick n mix the rest of the gift sets are available online with free local delivery. So snap up these perfect Christmas gifts today and sit back and relax knowing they will be delivered direct to your door, fully wrapped!

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