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by Peter Barradine March 30, 2021 3 min read

Picnic Friendly Drinks

The months rush by and winter becomes spring, the blossom falling like scented snowflakes with the gentle warmth reminding you of summers past. As society is slowly reopening we look forward to becoming social butterflies once again… and would you look at that, hello Easter bank holiday.

As we meet and catch up with family and friends in parks or gardens creating and serving drinks becomes a little harder than it would have been indoors. But fear not as we have a fantastic range of pre-made cocktails that you can whip out and serve with the greatest of ease, allowing you to enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail each time. When it comes to ice just fill a thermos flask up with the stuff, it stays frozen for hours! 

Here is a line up of some of our favorite ready to drink cocktails!

Shake n Serve Mojito £15

The classic Mojito, the warmth of rum, refreshing acidity from the lime and uplifting flavours from the mint. A labour intensive cocktail to make (ask any bartender) and even more difficult in a picnic setting! Just chill and pour into a glass with ice, I like to add some soda water to finish it off like the classic Mojito. Also in the Shake n Serve range we have Sex On The Beach, Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita, Pina Colada and a Cosmo! Serves 4-5.

Coppa Cocktails Passion Fruit Martini £15

Who doesn’t love a Passion Fruit Martini? Also known as the Pornstar Martini, filled with tropical fruit, vanilla and citrus fruit flavours it is definitely a crowd of six pleaser! And for a delicious twist on the classic, the Strawberry Daiquiri is a must try. Add a garnish and squeeze of lime to enhance the flavours even more! We also stock a creamy White Russian, Negroni and a Tequila Sunrise. Serves 4-5.

Troo Cocktails Martini £30

Here is one for you serious cocktail imbibers out there! This is an outstanding take on the classic Vespa Martini. Both gin and vodka are well balanced with Lillet Blanc, another dry vermouth and a delightful herbal hit with the addition of Yellow Chartreuse. The suggestion is to shake it, but you don’t want to be lugging around your bar equipment and precarious martini glasses while picnicking. My tip would be pour around 100ml into a tumbler, add some ice and stir, discard ice and garnish with some lemon zest - prepared in true Blue Peter fashion.

Troo do a range of cocktails, so if a martini isn’t for you we also have an Old Fashioned, Pornstar Martini and Espresso Martini. Go steady as they do have a high ABVs!

Liquid Intellect Jam Doughnut Negroni £26

Are you a little more experimental when it comes to your cocktail choice? How about a Jam Doughnut Negroni! Unlike the classic negroni this contains Campari, sloe gin, London Dry Gin, strawberry liqueur and distilled jam doughnuts. This is done by cold distilling (see last week's post), to retain the flavours of the jam doughnuts. To serve this one just pour a 100ml measure over ice and enjoy! 

They also have a range of weird and wonderful cocktails available, all equally outstanding. So take your pick from Cookie Dough Old Fashioned, Banana Bread Manhattan or a Pina Colada Punch.

All of these are perfect for sipping and sharing with friends and family this Easter. I have given some suggested servings and measures but why not give yourselves a slightly larger one in celebration, I won’t tell anyone! Plus you can always buy another bottle.

You can buy any of these tipples online with free local delivery or we are open at both Mitchell’s and Middleton Courtyard this weekend.

Cheers and Happy Easter! 

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