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by Peter Barradine March 17, 2021 2 min read

Spotlight On: Muff Liquor 

It’s St Patrick's Day! A day known for imbibing, merriment and the drinking of Irish Whiskey and stout. Not everyone is a fan of those drinks, but that’s no reason to feel left out as we have the perfect drink for you! It comes in the form of the tongue in cheek named craft vodka and gin, Muff Liquor!

The company's origins began in the 20th century when Philip McClenaghan began farming in his native soils of Greencastle. He planted potatoes, but he didn’t know the potential that they held. Unlike the majority of people, he wasn’t content with just eating potatoes so he began distilling them!

The company has continued to develop their product based on Philips use of the land and his passion for distilling to develop and produce a gin and vodka.

Both the gin and vodka start with a base of five different potato varieties. These are then mashed (yes, mashed potato), water and yeast are then added and fermentation takes place, resulting in a kind of potato beer. This base is then distilled in a pot still six times producing a smooth spirit. 

The vodka is then brought down to 40% abv and has a clean and creamy texture with vanilla elements. It makes a wonderful base for all your vodka based cocktails and is equally enjoyable to drink neat. 

The smooth spirit is also ideal for the production of gin. An aromatic selection of nine botanicals including juniper, grapefruit, peel, mandarin, elderflower, rosemary and Champagne essence are added and left to steep overnight. The grapefruit and mandarin results in a lovely citrus forward gin with floral elements from the elderflower.

Both Muff Vodka and Gin are available on our website and shop and retail for £33. Your perfect accompaniment to St Patrick’s Day! 


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