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Spotlight On: Muff Liquor - SplitsDrinks

Spotlight On: Muff Liquor

It’s St Patrick's Day! A day known for imbibing, merriment and the drinking of Irish Whiskey and stout. Not everyone is a fan of those drinks, but that’s no reason to feel left out as we have the perfect drink for you! It comes in the form of the tongue in cheek named craft vodka and gin, Muff Liquor!
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Spotlight on: RK Vodka - SplitsDrinks

Spotlight on: RK Vodka

Wow what a bottle! In this week’s blog post we look at RK Vodka, from the beautiful design of the bottle to the drink hidden behind the mysterious monochrome. 
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The Martini | SplitsDrinks

The Martini

Most people are familiar with and know the various guises of the Martini cocktail but from my history of working in bars I have discovered that surprisingly, it isn’t the most popular drink. The drink itself conjures up images of sophistication and style but in the general populous can seem a little intimidating. So with this week’s blog post you’ll learn more about the history of the cocktail and I’ll give you an insight into its various forms.
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A Very Merry Christmas! | SplitsDrinks

A Very Merry Christmas!

As we hurtle towards Christmas it is vitally important to start thinking about one thing, what drinks we need to stock up on? I always like to select a range of drinks to be consumed throughout the day (in moderation) to help me get in that merry festive mood!
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