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by Peter Barradine February 03, 2021 3 min read

As Valentine's Day approaches we at SplitsDrinks have been contemplating the history and science of certain drinks acting as an aphrodisiac. So in this week’s blog I'll be taking you through the drinks that could spice up your Valentine’s Day.

Long has alcohol been associated with lowering inhibitions. Mark Forsyth addresses in his book A Short History Of Drunkenness that the Ancient Egyptians were big fans. They had one event in the calendar called The Festival Of Drunkenness, this was in celebration of the goddess Hathor who brought about the salvation of the human race through the miracle of beer. The festival attracted the aristocrats and the royal family in which they firstly consumed a large amount of booze which was then followed by hymns and readings. The final phase was the more adventurous stage, everybody was anointed with perfumed oils and the love making began.

This isn’t something that happens in modern culture and certainly not in the current climate but it demonstrates the link between romance and drink. That being said, here is a selection of beverages that will certainly inject some fun into your Valentine’s evening.

Sweet Potato Chocolate Moonshine with Chilli

This is a heavy hitter combining two well known aphrodisiacs. The ancient Mayans (there seems to be a theme) were fans of chocolate and chilli in a drink, particularly the ruler Montezuma. He was known to consume up to 50 cups of cocoa infused with chilli before returning to his harem of women.

This liqueur is a fantastic drink, full of luscious chocolate elements with just the right amount of warming heat from the chilli. The perfect drink for passionate lovers to sip at the end of a romantic meal.

Beauté du Sud Malbec   

Red wine is a sultry and alluring drink but its sensuality also comes from its aromas. Red wine contains very provocative smells that can have a profound effect on either sex. Research by the Wine Folly suggests that certain aromas arouse men and women in different ways. Women are very receptive to cherry, leather, tobacco, musky, earthy and woody aromas while men prefer lavender, caramel, baking spice, liquorice and vanilla.

Therefore this wine would work very well; with aromas of cherry, vanilla, wood and liquorice from the oak aging as well as tobacco and leather from the time spent in the bottle. It is perfect for any couple to enjoy.

Troo Martini Espresso

Yes coffee is an aphrodisiac! Well caffeine in general. It is found that caffeine is beneficial to your libedo due to the extra stimulation it provides. 

Troo Martini Espresso is a well balanced coffee and vodka cocktail. It is made with premium grain vodka, freshly brewed Italian espresso and a premium Mexican coffee liqueur for added stimulation. Perfect for those looking to mix things up.  

Three Spirit Livener 

Could this be the ultimate libido boosting drink? Firstly it is packed with ginseng, Swedish studies have proven that it helps to boost stimulation. There have been findings by Commission E, the German governing food safety body declaring that ginseng is a “tonic for invigoration and fortification in times of fatigue”. 

Watermelon is another active ingredient. It has been proven in a study that watermelon contains citrulline which helps to relax blood vessels. Plus doesn't that bright red colour scream Valentine’s Day? 

Schisandra is a red berry that is used in Livener that is again proven to boost your stamina. So much so that during WW2 it was issued to Russian pilots to enhance their endurance!

As you can see Livener would be an excellent choice of drink on V-Day. It is full of even more ingredients that will make you lively, such as the aforementioned chilli - plus it is alcohol free!

Whatever your tipple of choice on Valentine's Day it is even more important to cherish your loved ones in this current time and having a celebration gives us all something to look forward to. Especially the celebration of love.

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