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Alcohol Fee Cocktails, Pentire, Penrhos, Salcombe, Caleno - SplitsDrinks

Alcohol-Free Cocktails To Spice Up Your January!

Is it your New Year's resolution to cut back on the amount of alcohol you drink? Or have you gone cold turkey for a dry January? 

Gone are the days of feeling like you are missing out by not drinking. We have introduced a new range of alcohol-free spirits that you can use to make your favourite cocktails. 

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No and low alcohol drinks to get the party started!

No and low alcohol drinks to get the party started!

Non-alcoholic drink options of the past often left a bad taste in the mouth. But recently there has been a shift towards people being more aware of what they eat and drink; which has in turn led to the quality of these drinks increasing greatly. In this blog post we discover some new exciting options for you to try!
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Saint Valentine's Not So Saintly Sips | SplitsDrinks

Saint Valentine's Not So Saintly Sips

As Valentine's Day approaches we at SplitsDrinks have been contemplating the history and science of certain drinks acting as an aphrodisiac. So in this week’s blog I'll be taking you through the drinks that could spice up your Valentine’s Day.
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Spotlight on: Three Spirit | SplitsDrinks

Spotlight on: Three Spirit

For those who are going alcohol free this January this week's spotlight is the perfect read. We are focusing on an innovative alcohol free option which is perfect for those wanting to reduce their alcohol intake but not feel left out when in the company of others.
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