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Whistler's Storm & Tan Dowr Sea Salt Vodka - SplitsDrinks

New Drink Discoveries!

We love discovering new tipples, and during a recent trip to London Olympia we had the opportunity to meet and try Tan Dowr Vodka and Whistler’s Storm Liqueurs.So, in this week’s blog we look at these two producers to discover more about the drinks they are creating.
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Spotlight on: Sweet Potato Spirit Company - SplitsDrinks

Spotlight on: Sweet Potato Spirit Company

You may have noticed the bottles in the shop looking tall and magnificent like towering skyscrapers. Once the wax seal is cracked the spirit that embraces you is tantalising and smooth with the delightful caress of aromas and flavours. A spirit made from a sweet potato you may ask? In this week’s blog we meet Garry Smith the Founding Director to discover more.
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Saint Valentine's Not So Saintly Sips | SplitsDrinks

Saint Valentine's Not So Saintly Sips

As Valentine's Day approaches we at SplitsDrinks have been contemplating the history and science of certain drinks acting as an aphrodisiac. So in this week’s blog I'll be taking you through the drinks that could spice up your Valentine’s Day.
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What are liqueurs? | SplitsDrinks

What are liqueurs?

You may have seen the phrase ‘liqueur’ on different bottles of gin, rum, whisky and a whole range of other drinks but have been confused by what this is, and rightly so! Hopefully this week’s blog post will help answer those sticky (pun intended) questions.
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