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A Brief History of Cocktails - SplitsDrinks

A Brief History of Cocktails

We at SplitsDrinks love a celebration, and what a smashing one this one is! In this week’s blog we are celebrating World Cocktail Day! On the 13th May 1806 the very first published definition of the word cocktail appeared in The Balance and Columbian Repository, defining the “cock-tail” as “a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters”.
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Picnic Friendly Drinks - SplitsDrinks

Picnic Friendly Drinks

The months rush by and winter becomes spring, the blossom falling like scented snowflakes with the gentle warmth reminding you of summers past. As society is slowly reopening we look forward to becoming social butterflies once again… and would you look at that, hello Easter bank holiday.
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas - SplitsDrinks

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This week we focus on Mother’s Day and have selected a range of tipples that would make the ideal gift. If they are a fan of gin or cocktails then they are in for a treat!
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The Negroni - SplitsDrinks

The Negroni

The negroni is the cocktail we focus on in this week’s blog post. This bright red sipper conjures up images of sitting in Italy’s early evening sun. The bittersweet nectar dancing on the palate enticing us to the feast that awaits us. Alas this is but mere fantasy, so read the blog, find out how to make a negroni and enjoy it in your living room as you eat your spag bol off your lap.
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